Fungi Lighting - Stickers

Fungi Lighting - Stickers

Stickers, Stickers, Stickers!!! 

Listed in my photo is a collection of every sticker I have available! I will update as more designs are released! Shipping is included in the price.

Please describe in the comment section when purchasing a sticker, which design/s you would like;

"I love you so mush"
"You can always take more but you can't take less"
"I'm a Fungi"
"I've taken a Lichen to you"
"I'm a Fungal"
"Caution: Tripping Hazard"
"Eat Me"

There are options available for each additional sticker, please pick the correlating option to how many you would like for only $1 more per sticker. 


       Made in Humboldt

             Located in Arcata, CA

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